More than 2 Million of Chicken based Products have been recalled back in the United States due to the possibility of contamination in it!

According to different sources, the famous chicken preparing food company Simmons Foods product is involved in this matter. Simmons Foods is an old family-owned business operating since 1949. Since then, they are preparing Premium chicken for restaurants and retail.

2 million contaminated chicken recalled in USA

What happened? And How many States got affected due to Contaminated Meat Products?

Chicken Recall from 8 States of USA

Simmons Foods have been in the business for a long time, But now something big happened that the Agriculture Department’s Food and Safety Inspection Service made an announcement that their chicken products been recalled back from eight states of the USA.

These affected states include Arizona, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

This contaminated meat which is suspected to have metal materials in it were produced by Simmons Prepared Foods Inc between October 21st, 2019 and November 4th, 2019.

Till now the Good news is that there have not been reported any confirmed reports that any of these meat products affected any of consumers or hurting anyone who consumed it. Authorities have asked the people and stores that if they still have any of these supplies left or present in their freezers, either throw them in the dust bin or return them back to the place from where they have purchased it. These chicken products mostly include the wings, breast, and whole chicken.

You can identify these chicken products by their following USDA mark of inspection numbers

  • P-1949
  • P-5837
  • P-486

Simmons Food said earlier that at Simmons they take food safety as a serious matter and that is why they have voluntarily asked people to return back the chicken as soon as possible.

The food agency has also issued a classification as Class 1 which means there a chance that these contaminated chicken products may cause some serious health problems or even death as a consequence.

So if you are also one of those people who ordered these chicks on the given dates, you should avoid eating it.


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